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Sometimes packages need to stay in the testing repos and not get moved to the stable repo for one reason or another. These page lists those packages for tracking purposes.

/!\ Note: The testing repo is meant for testing packages that are supposed to get moved to the stable repos soon. Adding to many packages to the testing repos that are supposed to stay there forever or for more than just a few weeks would render testing repo useless. So it should be a rare exception that packages need to stay in testing, so please give good reasons why the package should stay and not get removed completely.

Also note that no kmod packages or packages that depend on kmod packages can stay in testing, as that would complicate rebuilding kmods for new Fedora kernel a lot.

The actual list follows, please try to keep the packages sorted alphabetically.



Reason not to push



F-16 F-15

Most packages are testing releases, which might not work properly. Intermediate releases, which are supposed to stay in testing, contain ā€œuā€ in their version number: 0.136u1, 0.137u1, 0.137u2 and so forth. Stable releases' versions contain numbers only, e.g. 0.135, 0.136 and 0.137.


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