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RPM Fusion Upstream Release Monitoring

General Information

This page is about a service for package maintainers to get notified in case rawhide does not contain the latest upstream release of their packages. In case upstream appears to be newer that the package currently in rawhide, a new bug is filed.

For details, see Fedora Upstream Release Monitoring page

This is a work in progress, the service is not working yet.


cnucnu the software that monitors upstream releases is available at a fedorapeople public git repository.

List of packages

Please only add your own packages here!

If you are not the maintainer or co-maintainer of a package, please do not add it here unless you were explicitly requested to do so by a maintainer/co-maintainer.


 * gxine DEFAULT SF-DEFAULT:xine
 * xine-lib xine-lib-(1\.2\.[0-9.]+)\.tar\.xz SF-DEFAULT:xine
 * xine-ui DEFAULT SF-DEFAULT:xine 

Non Free


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