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Steering Committee

Below is the text of the mail describing the Steering committee, this text was approved unanimously:

We create a committee with one representative per repo (I know not all repo's are equal in size, but lets ignore that). This committee will solve / decide on various issues if / when they are raised. I would like to suggest the following representatives:




Hans *




Thorsten **

* Notice that I'm not the Dribble project lead, Ian is, but since Dribble is rather small I think its best to have a representative who is active outside Dribble and FE (livna) too, Ian is ok with this.

** Notice that Thorsten is not the Livna project lead, but he is one of the driving persons behind it in the past months and Anvil (the Livna initiator) agreed that Thorsten should represent Livna in this effort

Decision making is done as followes:

In case the decision is around something legal, each project contributer will have to decide for himself what this means for him personal (iow anyone is free to walk away at any moment, although that is the last thing that we want).

People providing the main public hosting capability have a veto power here, as they are the one bearing the greatest legal risk.

Other Repositories

When other repositories later want to join rpmfusion, they can elect a representative to represent them in the decision making committee too.


Which infrastructure to use

  1. Axel's / atrpms infra will be used as master repository and also as primary building infra
  2. PIX / livna's infra will be used as a mirror
  3. Matthias has offered freshrpms infra as mirror and we will gladly use that

What todo about libdvdcss

Opinions between the members of rpmfusion differ on the legality of libdvdcss, however since Axel bears the legal responsibility for the infra is providing, he gets a veto in this. Thus since Axel is against this (and he is not alone in this) libdvdcss will not be included in the rpmfusion repository.