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List of RPM Fusion related Spins

A spin is custom variation of Fedora. It is built from a specific set of software packages and it provides a combination of software that should satisfy the requirements of a specific kind of end user.

The purpose of this page is to index the various spins based on Fedora and RPM Fusion which are regular images or installable Live CD/DVD's that we know about.

/!\ These spins are not supported or endorsed by the RPM Fusion project in any way. This list is just maintained for users' convenience.


Korora is a GNU/Linux operating-system based on Fedora and which makes use of packages available in RPMFusion and other third-party repositories. The inclusion of RPMFusion, along with other enhancements, and Korora's own added packages (such as the beta, GNU/Linux Steam client) are all included to make Korora as easy to use as possible, right out of the box! Both Gnome and KDE spins are available in both i386 and x86_64 architectures. To get started, the current (bleeding-edge) version and the previous (super stable) version of Korora may be downloaded directly or distributively via torrents. In addition to the default Gnome and KDE offerings, any and all other desktop environments (at least, any that are available in Fedora) are readily accessible via the repositories (and are dead simple to install courtesy of yum groups)! If you have any questions please feel free to join the Freenet IRC channel, the social media networks, or the forum. Cheers!


RFRemix is a Linux distribution developing in Russia and based on Fedora, RPM Fusion and Russian Fedora repositories. All codecs, flash and proprietary video drivers are available from the box. Your can download installable DVDs and LiveCDs with GNOME, KDE, XFCE and LXDE. DVD contains full language packs as in original Fedora. Default language for LiveCD is Russian, but it can be changed.

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