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What is wxsvg?

wxSVG is a WxWidgets extension that can renders SVGs from many backends, including Cairo and libart. It aims to provide access to the SVG DOM to C++ and Python through the standardized W3C API.


I thought wxsvg was previously in Fedora?

DVDStyler requires a build of wxsvg with its ffmpeg extensions enabled, however the builds of wxsvg in Fedora did not have these extensions enabled. Because of this, DVDStyler was not able to be built when RPM Fusion was launched (see bug 49 for details). The authors of wxsvg agreed that at the moment (2009-01-21), no software is available that uses wxsvg without its ffmpeg extensions, so wxsvg was retired from Fedora. RPM Fusion now carries wxsvg with its ffmpeg extensions enabled - it does not replace the Fedora version.