This page tries to collect some facts and opinions about a possible inclusion of libdvdcss in RPM Fusion.

libdvdcss is a simple library designed for accessing DVDs like a block device without having to bother about the decryption.

In practice, it allows to play commercial DVDs on Linux and others OS.

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It was once (and might still be) controversial, and as such, was the only package left out of the Livna/Freshrpms/Dribble merger that was at the origin of RPM Fusion.

It was agreed at this time that Livna would stay only to distribute libdvdcss.

However, Livna is now dead, and RPM Fusion could be the new home for libdvdcss.

NOTE : Please keep in mind none of us are lawyers, so this is purely best judgment interpretation, and not a legal advice.