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About 10 to 14 days before estimated Fedora release

When final fedora-release got built and published

When Fedora release is finished


First bunch

Something like 0 to 14 days before release branch cvs:

for j in free nonfree; do for i in /cvs/${j}/rpms/*/devel/*.spec,v ; do packagename=$(basename $(dirname $(dirname ${i}))); if [[ -e /cvs/${j}/rpms/"${packagename}"/dead.package ]]; then echo "${packagename} seems to be a dead.package, but contains a spec file" >&2; else echo /usr/local/bin/mkbranchwrapper-${j} ${packagename} F-12; fi ;read -t 2 -s -n 1 ; done; done &> log

Second part

When new release is out and rawhide is rolling towards the next release again:


Needs to be added to the proper places

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