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What is a RFIG?

A RFIG (RPM Fusion Infrastructure Group) is a cluster of people that work together on a specific part of RPM Fusion's Infrastructure. The organizational structure of a RFIG is simple. Sponsors, non sponsors. Sponsors can grant access to other people for whom they are responsible.

Users in each Groups have access to the machines themselves as well as access to the git that hosts configuration management. Each Groups is part of the RPM Fusion Infrastructure.


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The sysadmin group is the base group required by all other RFIGs. It does not provide any additional access but aims to track down all syadmin members.


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All members in the cvsadmin group exist to maintain our source control environment. This includes all packages and lookaside cache.


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The sysadmin build group is responsible for the entire build environment. This includes the plague server as well as the various build machines (all arches). This group has shell access to the machines and configuration environment.


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All members in the sysadmin-bugs group maintain our Bugzilla platform. This also includes synchronization with our packages-owners and Account System.


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This (our webmaster) group maintain and run all of our web sites. This includes all web site application servers.


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The RPM Fusion Signers group (also called Release team) is in charge of all packages release process. This includes package signing, push releases and yum master repo support. This group has shell access to build servers only to do Packages releases work.


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The sysadmin-main group is the group that has access to all other machines in our environment. This group is closely monitored and access is highly restricted, no one is admitted directly into the sysadmin-main group without an active work in the Infrastructure team by proving themselves.


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The DB Admin group has access to all of our databases. This group is highly restricted.

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