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About Us

The Infrastructure Team consists of dedicated volunteers and professionals who provide servers, tools and utilities for the RPM Fusion Repositories. We are the people that maintain the servers that run the RPM Fusion Infrastructure. We're located all over the globe so we communicate primarily by:

Contribute to RPM Fusion Infrastructure

Ready to work with the RPM Fusion Infrastructure team? We're looking for smart, volunteers, dedicated system administrators and developers to help maintain our systems and also write some code. The RPM Fusion Infrastructure team is also a way to give back to the community. Go take a look at our Getting Started page.

Our Architecture

Servers and Services

From 2008 to 2011

Starting 2011


KVM Hypervisor leased at OVH. Managed using the OVH Manager with the RF30282-OVH account. It's a Kemsirve i7-2T configuration.

IPv4 addresses :

IPv6 addresses :

Virtual Servers :

Domain Names

Email Addresses

These are all @rpmfusion.org email addresses :

Mailing Lists

See Mailing Lists.

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