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About this Howto

This howto describes how to configure the additional RPM Fusion repository dedicated for the RaspberryPI. The build provided in this reposistory are optimized for the ARMv7 downstream kernel/userspace provided by the RaspberryPI fondation. Please note that so far the kernel is not provided here, one has to compile it from source or use a PI optimized Spin such as


Because Fedora/RPM Fusion content are only for ARMv7 and later, one will needs at least RaspberryPI Model 2 or later. Model 1 and Pi Zero will not be supported.


First, you need to install the regular RPM Fusion repository (at least the free section)

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo

This repository is compatible with Fedora 29 and later, including Rawhide.


The repository only contains optimized build of packages already provided by the regular RPM Fusion repository along with few packages that will only work for the PI. Build are optimized to use MMAL and/or OpenMAX IL api for video decoding in hardware. They are also optmized for neon by default.

Reporting issue

You can use with the related component.