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There are additional steps needed to integrate the package with optimus.

This Howto is a subset of the main documentation, please read the Howto NVIDIA first.

Also note that NVIDIA currently only support "outputsource" and not "offloadsink". It means that you cannot disable the dGPU (nvidia). The current workaround is to reboot onto the free Software version using an alternative grub2 boot menu.

This is only tested using the main driver (367.xx and later).

!!! BIG FAT WARNING - This is still experimental documentation, only experimented users should follow. I highly recommends to have another PC for remote debug.

GLVND enabled mesa

This is optional for optimus, and will provide a glvnd enabled mesa that will replace the fedora version. Once installed, it will be easier to switch between FOSS stack (nouveau) and the binary driver (nvidia). The long term plan is to have the switch enabled in the fedora mesa package (see rhbz#1388810 ).

Note: Copr is not multilibs compliant, you need to copy the x86_64 repo as a new file and replace "arch" to i386, if using 32bit programs.

# dnf copr enable kwizart/glvnd
# dnf update

Additional Configuration

# dnf update xorg-x11-server\* --enablerepo=updates-testing
# rpm -q xorg-x11-server-Xorg