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Matrix tunneling

We can use matrix client to access to #rpmfusion on Libera.Chat

- First to simplify the process register you nickname on Libera.Chat

- After login

- Choose start a new chat, write:

- At write: IDENTIFY <your_username at> <>

- Nickserver replies with "You are now identified for <your_username at>"

- And finally join to a public room:

Register one user on via it is possible but confuse see more here


- you have excellent (and ad free) mobile app

and you will never miss a conversation again .

- Native Matrix clients available in Fedora:

nheko, neochat (at least)

- I (sergiomb) built on copr element-desktop is the best matrix client IMO

dnf copr enable sergiomb/electrons
dnf install element-desktop 

- documentation from the source