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Guidelines for RPM Fusion contributors

/!\ This is a draft, not ready for public consumption and might completely change before becoming official

RPM Fusion basically follows all rules, guidelines and recommendation from the Fedora project. But there are some small differences that this page will list for contributors.

Packages with kernel-modules

Non-kernel packages with kernel-modules are forbidden in Fedora, but allowed in RPM Fusion. The modules have to be packaged according to the Kmod2 packaging guidelines.

Note that all kmod packages in CVS always have to be in a state where they can get rebuild and pushed to the package repositories immediately without breaking package dependencies. That is very important and crucial, as the kmods often need to get quickly rebuilt for a newly released Fedora kernel.

ThorstenLeemhuis normally takes care of that rebuilt process (note that kmod for rawhide kernels normally get rebuild on Sundays only; rawhide users are better served by using the akmods). Scripts will do some of the rebuilding work automatically in the future, which is one of the reasons why the rpm spec files for kmods in CVS always need to be ready for a rebuild and push. If you build a new package for the testing repos that has interdependencies with a kmod and hence needs to get pushed (or moved from testing to stable) together with a new kmod let Thorsten know as soon as that package got build.

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