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This page lists many third party repositories available for Fedora. It can be useful to track previous packaging attempts or to ask 3rd party maintainers to join RPM Fusion.

Compatible repositories

The following repositories are known to work well with RPM Fusion.

Editor repositories

Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader




Skype for Linux

OpenNMS Yum Repository

PostgreSQL RPM Building Project


Community repositories




KDE RedHat Project

Planet CCRMA at home

Russian Fedora

Personal repositories

Dan Horak's repo


Nicolas Chauvet (kwizart)

Tom 'spot' Callaway - Chromium

Matthias Summer

Remi Collet

Incompatible repositories

The following repositories are known not to work well with RPM Fusion or their compatibility is unknown.

/!\ Mixing different RPM repositories that were not designed to be mixed can easily lead to problems. Use these repositories at you own risk if you have RPM Fusion enabled!




ETHZ/ID Yum Repository

Fabrice Bellet




LFarkas Repository

Midgard CMS

MOKs RPM Repository

Negativo17 Repository

Olea RPM repository

OpenAFS 1.4.6

Paulo Roma

Professor Kriehn's Fedora Repository

Red Hat Club Repository

RPM Forge

Sebastian Vahl


Software Suspend on Linux / Fedora Core / RHEL

UnitedRPMs Repository

TeXLive repo

University of Nebraska-Lincoln stable repository

Outdated repositories

The following repositories are no longer updated to the currently maintained Fedora versions.

Dr. Pixel



Xavier Lamien

Michael Fleming

Enabling other Third-Party Repositories

/!\ RPM Fusion is specifically designed to work with Fedora only. Mixing with other third-party RPM repositories can very easily lead to problems. Enable them at you own risk!

In this case, you should seriously consider using the priorities yum plugin to enforce ordered protection of repositories. Packages installed from repositories with a higher priority will never be upgraded with packages from repositories with a lower priority. The priorities are also in effect when a new package is installed - if a package is in more than one repository, it will be installed from the repository with the highest priority.

To install the priorities plugin, use the following command:

yum install yum-priorities

To enable this plugin, make sure that you have plugins=1 in /etc/yum.conf and verify that the /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/priorities.conf file has the following content:


If you want the plugin to protect high-priority repositories against obsoletes in low-priority repositories, enable the check_obsoletes boolean:


You can add priorities to repositories by adding the line:


to a repository entry, where N is an integer number from 1 to 99. The default priority for repositories is 99. The repositories with the lowest number have the highest priority.

You should give a very high priority to Fedora and RPM Fusion repositories.

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