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/!\ The information on this page needs to be updated :

Using RPM Fusion at installation time

Anaconda (the Fedora installer) since Fedora Core 6 is capable of using external RPM repositories during install. It's quite easy to use.

When you hit the general software selection screen in anaconda, enable Fedora Extras if using Fedora Core 6 or enable "Fedora" if using Fedora 7 or greater by clicking on the Checkbox in front of it.

Now add the RPM Fusion repository by clicking on the button "Add additional software repositories". A small windows will show up; give it a "Repository name" of you choice like "RPM Fusion" and add the proper URL for RPM Fusion in the "Repository URL" field. An example for Fedora 8 on an i386-machine would be "".

Next, select the "Customize now" checkbox and click on "Next". You'll be led to the next screen where you can customize what packages get installed. Many of RPM Fusion packages can be found in the "Applications" and the subgroup "Sound and Video".

The repository won't be enabled or used in the installed system if you forget that, but you can fix that simply by installing the rpmfusion-release package later.