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 * Submitting a package for RPM Fusion is easy as in Fedora. See also [[Contributors]]
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 * Submitting a package for RPM Fusion is earsy as in Fedora. See also [[Contributors]]

How to contribute to RPM Fusion

Give some of your time

Contribute Material

  • There is a need to host mirrors and others hosts for additional services.

Contribute money

There is a dedicated Paypal account for the project: https://paypal.me/rpmfusion

The donation will be used to fund hosting services used by the project.

Currently donated resources

  • OSUOSL is hosting our powerpc builders
  • Linaro is hosting our aarch64 builders
  • Broadcom donated armv7 builders
  • Scaleway is hosting our armv7hl builders
  • Several mirrors help to spread the download resources
  • Many contributors (more than 100 active accounts)

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