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This page is the RPM Fusion counterpart of Fedora https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Common_bugs

Fedora 32


With a default update of the package, gnome-shell might be triggered even on non Fedora Workstation Spin.

Kodi 18/python3

Fixed with kodi-18.6-4.fc32. The maintainer has reverted the change to python3 and built with python2. One can experience sides effects with configurations, so one might have to clear settings...

Original issue:

With python2 been deprecated in early 2020, it become unreliable to maintain a python2 on newer Fedora releases. Because of that, kodi will only be provided with python3 support on RPM Fusion for Fedora 32 and later (backporting patches when needed). If you rely on some non-packaged extension, please verify that python3 support is available for them and try to forward the question to the upstream maintainer of the extension.

This backported python3 support is ahead of the upstream target to support python3 by kodi v19 (not yet scheduled).

In the end, if you are affected any extension still not ported to python3. You may delay the update of Fedora to 32 or later for any Kodi usage. And wait for Kodi 19 before to update to a newer Fedora.


Original issue:

The nvidia 340xx driver isn't yet compatible with the kernel provided by default for fedora. Please remind that 340xx driver will be provided on best effort basis as it's not supported anymore by NVIDIA.

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