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This page is about ARM (armv7hl and aarch64) support within RPM Fusion.


RPM Fusion support for the ARM architecture starting with Fedora 17 for both softfp/hardfp. With Fedora 19, only armhfp is supported (same as Fedora). Since armhfp was promoted as a primary architecture by Fedora 20, we started tracking kmod rebuilt by then. With Fedora 26, aarch64 is also built in our main koji instance.


All packages are built from our main koji instance, so if one package has failed on one arches, it needs to be fixed for the others arches to be available. This allows to track architectural failures earlier and helps to consider alternatives arches as the same production level as usual x86 ones.

You can help looking at the RPM Fusion bugzilla tracker for ARM

Enabling RPM Fusion for ARM

The Installation procedure the same as the primary arches. MirrorManager will point to the appropriate repository for your ARM flavor of RPM Fusion for Fedora. Please note that we do not split packages location to a "fedora-secondary" path in order to separate primary/secondary content. All arches are provided in the same URL pattern.

Please follow the regular Configuration page to configure RPM Fusion for arm (same as primary arches).



NicolasChauvet: Primary maintainer, ARM bug hunter and QA contact.

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Knows issues

Please see the related bugzilla entry:


* https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Architectures/ARM

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