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RPM Fusion uses Plague as the Build System. Long term Fedora contributors might still remember it from the Fedora Extras days. Packagers can use plague-client to request package builds and get information about the buildsystem. Configuring plague-client can be done manually as shown below, or simply install rpmfusion-packager instead:

yum install rpmfusion-packager

This provides a set of utilities that automatically helps a RPM Fusion packager in setting up their environment and access to the build server. It already includes the plague-client command and does everything else you would need to do manually. Type: rpmfusion-packager-setup after its installed. Next, you can request a build with the "make build" command.

Installing Plague-client manually

If you wish to do this manually, you can install plague-client from the Fedora repos using this command:

yum install plague-client

Initial Plague-client Setup

plague-client normally uses the configuration file [~/.plague-client.cfg]. Using this file for RPM Fusion conflicted with a Fedora setup when plague was still used within Fedora EPEL.

The Makefiles in RPM Fusion's CVS thus expects that you create a file .plague-client-rpmfusion.cfg in your home directory that will be used automatically when you type make build. Please use this as a template for that file; be sure to adjust your email address!

user-ca-cert = ~/.rpmfusion-upload-ca.cert
server-ca-cert = ~/.rpmfusion-server-ca.cert
user-cert = ~/.rpmfusion.cert

email = <FAS_registered_email>

use_ssl = yes
address = https://buildsys.rpmfusion.org:8887
allow_uploads = False

RPMFusion Certificates

Plague uses three certificates:

The web interface


Building with make targets

For simple build requests, there is an alias in Makefile to request builds. This enables RPM Fusion packagers to simply change into the appropriate branch of a package (from a cvs checkout), and run:

make build

This will trigger a build request for the branch. Easy!

Note that all build requests need to be done against tagged trees ( by running make tag first).

Chained builds

Finished builds will be added to the needsign repo; this is automatically used in later builds.

Requeueing builds

In case you need to requeue your build due to a buildsys failure, do:

$ PLAGUE_CLIENT_CONFIG=${HOME}/.plague-client-rpmfusion.cfg /usr/bin/plague-client requeue <jobid>

where <jobid> is the id of the failed job.

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