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This page is about ARM support within RPM Fusion.


RPM Fusion support for the ARM architecture starting with Fedora 17 for both softfp/hardfp.


We are at a early infrastructure step. There is no public build infrastructure yet. The packages are produced in mock or koji and are fully usable.

Currently, the free and nonfree sections of the 'release' repositories for Fedora 17 and 18 are completed. The free updates 17 and 18 are tracking primary with a delay. The build for fedora 19 free and nonfree sections has started.

The support for kmod should be available packaging wise, but no kmod is available from repository since there might be a bug with the installation of some headers in the fedora kernel-devel RPM. Testers welcomed. There is no plan to support pre-built kmod packages until armv7hl become a primary arch in fedora, so kmod packages in arm will default to akmod instead.

You can help looking at the RPM Fusion bugzilla tracker for ARM

Enabling RPM Fusion for ARM

The Installation procedure the same as the primary arches. MirrorManager will point to the appropriate secondary repository for your ARM flavour. If you want to rely on baseurl instead of mirrorlist, please verify to change the paths with fedora to fedora-secondary instead.

Please follow the regular Configuration page to configure RPM Fusion for arm (same as primary arches).


NicolasChauvet: Primary maintainer, ARM bug hunter and QA contact.

Add your name and create a wiki page.

Knows issues

Please see the related bugzilla entry:


* https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Architectures/ARM

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